Vermont is a Biking Paradise

Vermont is a heaven on Earth for bicyclists. The state is unparalleled in the diversity of its rides and it’s established a strong bike culture that makes cyclists feel at home. Have you biked in Vermont? Discover what’s so incredible about the Green Mountain State’s riding.

Roads and Trails for Every Rider

For road cyclists, Vermont offers an incredible diversity of terrain over distances that are easily accessible in a single day. If you want a family-friendly ride, seek out the wide, flat valley roads that crisscross the state. More advanced road bikers can take on the countryside’s endless rolling hills to get a more varied workout in. For the most adventurous rides, the state’s road system offers a virtually unlimited combination of passes from which you can devise challenging loops – take, for example, the infamous LAMB ride that crosses Lincoln, Appalachian, Middlebury, and Brandon Gaps over the course of 100 miles.

Vermont has just as much to offer for off-road riders. Bike tourers and gravel riders will find unpaved roads to explore at almost every turn, many of them leading off into the lush forests of the Green Mountains. Mountain bikers have flocked to Vermont because of the state’s expansive trail system of flowy singletrack. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing post-work ride, an aggressive downhill trail, or a long-distance adventure through the mountains, Vermont’s trail system has something to offer you.

Vermont has a Strong Biking Culture

All of this riding has led to an explosion of biking culture in Vermont. The state is ranked as the fourth-healthiest state in the US, in part because of the number of residents who bicycle and the sport’s numerous benefits. You’ll find bike shops in many of the small towns along your rides as well as biker-friendly coffee shops, breweries, and storefronts. Plus, you won’t have any difficulty finding riding partners in Vermont.

Better yet, bike commuters will feel right at home in Vermont. The state’s weather is friendly for much of the year and it’s easy to travel from small suburbs to urban centers on roads with relatively low traffic. Many workplaces offer bike storage and other incentives for reducing the carbon footprint of your commute, and it’s easy to hit the open road or mountain trails for a workout after work.

Finding a Bike-friendly Home

Most Vermonters have at least one bike, if not several for getting out on both the roads and trails. That’s why here at Farrell Properties we offer a number of essential amenities for cyclists, including spacious bike storage spaces. All of our residents can safely store their bikes in our secure storage areas, with easy access to take your bike out when you’re feeling the call of nature.

If your one of Vermont’s many avid cyclists, come check out our bike-friendly living spaces today!

Published: Sep 21, 2019.