Growing Access to Parks for Thayer Commons and Cambrian Rise

At Farrell Properties, we know that access to outdoor spaces is important to our residents. From the grilling areas to the pocket pet parks, we think it’s vital to the general happiness of any Vermonter, having access to outdoor spaces where you feel at home.

As of July 2018, the residents at the Farrell Properties in the North End of Burlington will have a new park to explore.

Rock Point and Arms Forests

The Rock Point and Arms Forests are located in between the two properties, nestled in between North Ave and Lake Champlain behind Burlington High School. Newly open to the public, these public forests will open up all sorts of new adventures for all visitors.

With access from the Burlington Bike Path, bikers will be able to ride designated mountain bike trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Hikers will have miles of newly reinforced trails to explore through some of Vermont’s uncommon forests.

The preservation of this swath of land was important to the partners behind the forests. While you might not know it, the Rock Point and Arms Forests are currently home to some rare and endangered plant species, like the Harsh Sunflower. The wildlife that live in these woods rely on this habitat for survival, and provide biodiversity deemed the “urban wild” within the city limits.

map of trails and land of Rock Point and Arms Forests

Map from Vermont Business Magazine article

What the residents and neighbors of Thayer Commons and Cambrian Rise can expect

The forests are located about 0.5 mile from each residence, an easy walk or peddle on the Burlington Bike Path from either Thayer Commons or Cambrian Rise.

The newly preserved land is currently undergoing renovations to create a sustainable trail system designed for long-term use and maintenance. Trail markers and a check-in kiosk will provide an overview of the land and the trails available.

Features of the Forest

Those who visit the Rock Point and Arms Forest have the opportunity to get back to nature with any of the following:

  • Sweeping views of Lake Champlain and the surrounding mountains
  • Seasonal songbird watching
  • Wildlife sightings, like wild turkeys, white tailed deer, and the occasional moose
  • Dramatic cliffs of Lone Rock Point peninsula
  • Rare and endangered plant life

Join the neighborhood around these new parks and become a resident with Farrell Properties today! View available apartments here.

Published: Mar 11, 2019.