5 Ways to Create the Ultimate Dog-Friendly Burlington Apartment

It’s a dog’s life in Burlington, Vermont! With plenty of green spaces and dog-friendly businesses, Burlington is a convenient and fun place to have a dog. But, as in any city, it’s not always simple to make your furry friend feel at home in your (possibly small) apartment. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to turn your Burlington living space into the ultimate dog friendly apartment. Here are five ways to create an apartment your dog will love.

1. Start with the right location

The key to creating a truly dog-friendly apartment is to start with the basics: your location. To keep your dog happy and healthy, especially in an apartment, you’ll need to provide exercise opportunities several times per day. Seek out an apartment building that has easy access to a park, yard or recreation path so your dog has space to play. Even better, look for buildings that offer amenities to make your dog’s life better, such as a pet washing station and pet park.

Whatever you do, do not try to hide a dog in a building that doesn’t allow pets. Not only do you risk losing your security deposit or being asked to move out, but your dog will be stressed and uncomfortable if he can’t come and go as he pleases.

2. Give your dog his own space

Everyone needs their own space—including dogs! Not only is it a best practice in dog training to provide your pup with his own confined area, but your dog will also feel more at ease in your apartment if he has an area all his own. Whether it’s a corner of the living room or a space near your bed, make your dog’s area inviting and comfortable. Give out toys and treats in the “dog area” so that your pup learns to associate his space with good things. When your dog is okay with hanging out in one area—with or without you home—he’ll be much more comfortable living in your apartment.

3. Pet-proof your place

You want your dog to feel at home, but not everything is up for grabs! Here are some ways to pet-proof your apartment to keep your home clean and organized, even with a dog as a roommate:

  • This one’s obvious: if there’s something you don’t want your dog to chew—like valuables or potentially harmful items—keep them off the floor.
  • If you have a taller dog, store your food inside a fridge or cabinet—don’t leave anything on the counter or table.
  • Keep your dog’s food and water dishes somewhere in the kitchen that’s easy to clean. You can also invest in a rubber mat or an off-the-floor stand to make cleanup even easier.
  • Even the best dogs have a hard time resisting the trash can, so invest in a tall model with a securely closed top.
  • If you have a new puppy or a dog who loves to chew, consider treating your furniture with anti-chew spray that tastes bad to dogs.
  • Use baby gates to section off rooms of your apartment that you don’t want your dog to access at the moment.

4. Creatively store your pet supplies

In an apartment, sometimes space can be sparse. Here are some creative ways to store your pet supplies that will save room and keep you organized:

  • You probably don’t have room to store those huge bags of kibble, so go with a plastic sealable bin or canister. Many specialty dog food storage containers are even stackable, so you can take up less precious space while keeping Fido’s food easily accessible.
  • Keep your dog’s toys in a bin or basket, instead of all over the apartment. This will keep clutter at bay while allowing your dog to take out toys as he pleases.
  • Prevent packages of treats from taking over your pantry by storing all of them in a bin with a lid. For easy access, keep some in a cookie jar on your kitchen counter.
  • Hang leashes on hooks by your door so that you always know where they are.
  • For storing your dog’s shampoo, brushes, and other grooming supplies, consider hanging a shower caddy in a cabinet or on a wall to maximize your use of space.

5. Provide plenty of stimulating toys

For many dogs, being cooped up in an apartment is boring. To prevent your furry friend from taking it out on your possessions, be sure to supply plenty of stimulating and challenging toys. Puzzle balls that dispense treats for your dog are popular and motivating choices!

Creating the ultimate dog friendly apartment begins with the perfect pet-friendly apartment community. Explore Farrell Properties apartments to discover the ideal home for you and your pup.

Published: Jul 20, 2017. Updated January 4th, 2019

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